Each one of our pieces has its own story.

Our laser engraved collection is particularly dear to us for two reasons: first, because as a result of a collaborative effort new products emerged from an idea we almost discarded and second, because when – after some initial hesitation – we finally made up our minds, we had the chance to work with some very interesting, creative and enthusiastic individuals.  

The possibility of using laser technology to engrave various patterns and drawings into tabletops, the backrests of our chairs, the fronts of chests of drawers and the optional linoleum finish of small furniture first came up during a two day brainstorming session in Cesky Krumlov. By the time we decided to go ahead with the implementation the 2014 international furniture show in Cologne was around the corner.

We wanted to leave it to professionals to design various illustrations so we invited graphic artists to participate in our pimp my desk competition. We granted them complete artistic freedom and received 323 stunning pieces of artwork from 98 individuals. The furniture designer asked his 7-year-old daughter to join him on the jury. Réka got very excited and took the job seriously. So seriously in fact, that she came up with some drawings of her own the very same day. We did not have to think long before launching the pimp my otto competition for pre-school and primary school children. The only loose requirement was to incorporate the grip holes of the stool into the drawing. We received gorgeous and enchanting drawings and had a really hard time to pick the best ones.

Having launched the children’s competition we decided to start a dedicated website for laser-engraved sixay pieces, where – by selecting the wood type, the colour and the artwork – everyone can create his or her custom piece of furniture tailored for the occasion, whether it be a seat for the grandparents engraved with a drawing of a grandchild or a personalised OTTO stool for a wedding, an anniversary or a housewarming party. Since we like creativity and do not want to limit anyone’s imagination and options we have made available downloadable templates enabling everyone to adorn a piece of sixay furniture with their own drawing and artwork.

The award ceremony in December 2013 was a fitting finale for this truly shared experience. The winners of each category were presented pieces of furniture engraved with their own design.

The unbiased audience of industry professionals at the 2014 international furniture show in Cologne was equally impressed with the innovative combination of original and unique artwork and premium quality furniture.